8.1 About us

8.1  About us



21218 E Main St

Sammamish, WA 98074-7029


Company start date: June 2012, commercial website Feb 2013
Location: Sammamish, Washington, USA (Seattle/Tacoma Area, Puget Sound, Pacific NorthWest)

UTurn Handles LLC manufactures, markets and sells its own dog products since Feb 2013.
As of March 7  2023  a total of 2,317 three-dog UTurn handles have been sold, with only approx. 115 returns so far.
That means the handle works for most people and we use it ourselves with 3 or 4 dogs.

First patent was issued in February 2015; the second patent was issued in September 2015.
The two utility patents cover 3-dog handles, 4-dog handles and the untangling method.

Walking 2, 3 or 4 dogs at once, without worrying about tangles