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Product Information for the UTurn Handle,
a 3-grip handle for walking 3 dogs (or other pets)

There are three models (same except for color):

Model SKU BL500 - color: Black                       Sold online only*.   

Model SKU DG500 - color: Dolphin Grey        Sold online only*.   


Model SKU RED500 - color: Red                       Sold online only*.   (New; added November 6, 2015)

Product Specifications (same for black, dolphin grey and red handle)








Width: 8.2 inches (208 mm)
Height: 8.0 inches (203 mm)
Thickness: 0.75 inch (19 mm)
Opening size: 5.0 inches (127 mm) (shown by green pen)
Small hole size (3 ellipses): 1.25 in (32 mm) by 0.65 in (16 mm)
Weight: 10.0 ounces (284 grams)
Material: HDPE High Density Polyethylene - Marine Quality


  • One size fits all hands; large central opening for an arm (even in a winter coat)
  • Smooth grips and transitions all-around for handling comfort
  • Light texture on top and bottom side for easier turning and holding
  • One-piece design; super-strong solid part machined from sheet
  • High quality material; light weight; flatter profile for easier turning
  • Handle is one solid thermoplastic part, does not bend, does not feel like rubber, feels comfortable and smooth, and hand can easily slide to next grip
  • High tensile, bending and impact strength
  • Will not break in normal use with dogs up to 100 lbs (45 kg) each
  • Weather-resistant, non-toxic, can be recycled
  • Will last many years; does not need maintenance
  • Use with your own leashes (or new leashes of your choice)
  • Patent issued in Feb 2015; second patent issued in Sep 2015

More background information about the product

The handler in control
UTurn, U-Turn or Uturner dog leash handle is a new product (2013), patented and 100% Made in the USA. All control for untangling lies in the hands of the handler. This solution for walking three dogs therefore is very different from using a 3-way coupler/tripler leash or a more elaborate three-dog leash system with multiple leashes and swivels. These systems rely on automatic untangling but cannot undo all entanglements or constrain the dogs to walk side-by-side which is hard on the dogs. The approach with the Uturner handle is the opposite: There is no automatic untangling. Instead the handler untangles all leash entanglements. It works in all cases and without constraining the dogs. It is an unusual solution for walking three dogs or other animals. It can also be used to safely walk three toddlers, e.g. in a park, near water, in a crowd or near traffic.
U turn it, U untangle it, while walking and within seconds
The underlying concept of the three-dog handle is that with three or more dogs leash entanglements cannot be avoided and to just let them happen but have the handler remove all of them. That's where the unique shape of the handle comes in. The shape is an equilateral triangle with three spaced-apart leash attachment holes. Each leash is attached to a corner of this triangle. This leash attachment pattern allows untangling of all leash entanglements with half rotations of the handle. And it works 100% of the time. This is much easier, faster and safer than holding and untangling 3 separate leashes. Leashes will never be dropped. Current three-dog leash systems may untangle half or fewer of the possible entanglement cases. Or they constrain the dogs too much by forcing the dogs to walk side-by-side so they cannot cross each other's leash.

Three untrained dogs
With the UTurn handle a handler can walk three trained, partially trained, or untrained dogs or any mix of these and be confident he or she can fully untangle while continuing the walk and with the dogs having space to roam. A handler can go for a slow 'stroll and sniff' walk with untrained dogs or for a somewhat faster walk with (partially) trained dogs.

Ample roaming space for all 3 dogs











For safety, it's very easy to 'choke' the leashes while pulling the handle up.
This reduces the roaming space for all 3 dogs quickly when needed.









Even four dogs!
Not only three but even four dogs is doable! As shown in the videos on the Home Page, a handler can use the 3-dog handle with one hand AND hold a separate leash for a fourth dog in the other hand. It adds to the work load and the handler has to use both hands to do this.

By paying attention the handler first manually untangles entanglements of the fourth leash around any one or more of the other three leashes. Then the handler rotates the handle to untangle the three leashes on the handle (if there were additional entanglements between these three leashes).

We are using this setup with our 4 small dogs daily ... and despite the work it is fun! It is never boring and the reward is that the dogs stay happy and keep on walking! We could not walk all three or all four with one person without the handle. When going out we feel completely confident, there is no fear of entanglements. See also How to Use the Handle and FAQ.




Four dogs:

Three leashes on the handle and a fourth dog (on the right) on a separate leash. It is 'work' and you 'have your hands full' but it works and it's fun to take them all.



Safety Caution/Warning:
Use by responsible adults only.
Small(er) dogs can easily be restrained by one handler. However stronger, larger dogs (especially when pulling together or lunging) can pull a person down or rip the handle out of a handler's hands. Do not use the handle with dogs that cannot be controlled. Do not use the handle when the dogs cannot be held back or stopped by using commands. Do not use the handle in environments that may present a danger to the dogs, the handler or other persons, e.g. in or near traffic or in crowded places or where uncontrolled dogs may be present. Please view the safety warnings and cautions in Product Use and FAQ or in the combined Safety chapter.

The Uturner's Main Benefits

  • Untangles all ‘internal’ leash entanglements by half rotations of the handle in seconds while walking (see the next chapter Use Product for details); full control given to the handler)
  • Keeps all 3 leashes safely attached to the handle; no more dropping of individual leashes
  • Allows one person to walk 3 (or even 4) dogs safely and with confidence; no companion needed
  • Provides ample space for each of the dogs to move around. You can 'choke' the leashes and restrict the roaming space for all of them together for safety reasons quickly when needed
  • Allows directing each dog individually when needed
  • The handler controls the handle, dogs don't jerk each other
  • Removes the fear for messy entanglements as all can be removed
  • Removes the frustration of handler and dogs; no more time-consuming stops
  • Simple, robust, safe one-piece construction with solid cross-section
  • Usable with your own leashes; no other parts needed
  • Made from strong, weather-resistant material; will last many years
  • Has three comfortable grips; hand can smoothly slide to any grip to adjust the position of the handle so that the forward corner always points to the dog that ends up in the middle after untangling
  • Has a large central opening so the handler can easily put an arm through it and free up one or both hands, e.g. for picking up dog waste, using a cell phone, holding an object, adjusting a collar or harness, giving treats, etc..  Even when wearing a thick winter coat.

    Z_Walking_4_dogs_treats        Mar_3_YY_Walk_Smartphone
  • And a very important one: Walking with zero fear for entanglements will encourage dog owners or handlers to go out for a walk more often. Happier owners or handlers and happier dogs AND walking more often, that is a great health benefit for all!

Will the handle work for me?  Should I buy one?
1.  Did I test the untangling with a test handle I made myself (see FAQ)
2.  Do I want or like to be able to walk 3 or 4 at the same time?
3.  Can I walk 3 or 4 safely in my neighborhood, nearby or in a park?
4.  Do my dogs get along and will they walk and learn together?
5.  Is it better and safer than using 3 separate leashes?
6.  Is it better than a tripler leash, or a coupler plus one separate leash?
7.  Do I fear or hate entanglements?
8.  Can I accept that the dogs will mostly lead the way and walk up front?
9.  Do I have the patience and courage to try this for several walks so the dogs and I can get used to walking
     this  way (and maybe adjust the leash lengths based on the size and habits of the dogs)?
10. Am I strong enough to handle my 3 or 4 dogs together?

If all answers are Yes and/or Maybes/Somewhats, it will work for you*.
If you have three or more NOs, we recommend to wait and think it over!


Z_Walking_4_dogs_at_once   Z_Walking_4_dogs_is_easy
        Walking 4 dogs using 2 hands, one for the handle, the other for the 4th leash


Mar_UTurn_3_Tres_Perros   How_to_untangle_3_leashes_3_doggies
Walking 3, mostly using 1 hand for walking and 2 hands for untangling as needed 

*Note: Our startup's website is a commercial website and we all know many websites over-promise and under-deliver. However my wife or I use the handle ourselves every day to walk our 3 untrained cairn terriers (and sometimes 4 when our daughter's dog is at our house) with one person because it works!  Without the handle it is impossible. Also please view customer comments in the Feedback section of this website and on our Amazon product page.