10. Web Links

10. Web Links

2013 UTurn Handle - Walking 3 dogs together happily

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Links to external web sites (in work)
Links to businesses that offer walking related dog/pet/animal products and services (not including nutritional, chemical and liquid items such as food, supplements, chemicals, fluids, sprays, treatments, cleaning products, etc.)

Products and services could be:
1.  Walking  (leashes, collars, harnesses, handles, protection, safety, etc.)
2.  Exercise (including play/sports equipment, gear, games, toys, etc.)
3.  Training  (indoor/outdoor equipment, gear, leashes, etc.)
4.  Traveling (walking, exercise, play, training, etc.)
5.  Miscellaneous and other (gifts, promo articles, etc.)


In work:
Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots - Prevention and Protection
Dog boots and shoes, paw and leg protectors, specialty dog boots




Please email us at if you would like to include your business here on our site, in exchange for a link on your website. Please specify the exact text you like to display on the second and third line. Second line is broad category or subject, the third line is for details (optional).

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