9. Feedback

Feedback and Testimonials
Using the UTurn 3-dog 3-leash handle for walking multiple dogs
(including unusual and negative comments)

May 2013

"I don't know how you do it, you make it look so easy!" (about walking 4)

"Sometimes by pushing the handle lower I can restrain my dogs better when they pull too much"

"The handle is so sturdy I could use it to defend myself and my dogs with it as a last resort if I have to"

"On my first walk I already got a call on my cell and I just put my arm through the handle's opening to hold it.  That worked great. My leash handles are really too small to do that."

"I often walk my dogs in the dark after work. Can I drill a hole in the handle and put a small light on it?"
(Response: Yes, you can.  The handle is so strong drilling one or more small holes, e.g. 0.25 inch in diameter in the grip portions, will be fine)

"I wished the housing of my retractable leash had such a large opening so I could put the flexi on my arm whenever I want to"
(Response: To do that we recommend to add a loose used dog collar large enough to put an arm through. Insert the collar through the flexi's handle and close the quick release clasp. Make sure the flexi is set at a fixed setting of 5 or 6 ft when holding the collar.  Switch to holding and using the flexi's handgrip when you want to give your dog more space. Always hold the flexi and not the dog collar when the flexi is on its extendible setting. We use this often with our fourth dog.)

"I noticed by holding the handle higher against my shoulder that I seem to get fewer entanglements"

June 2013
"I have very much enjoyed using the Uturn handle when walking my two 50lb dogs. I know you designed it for three dogs and I'm looking forward to trying it out when my son brings his dog over to the house. I have been using the handle for about 3 weeks now and have found it helps me control my dogs better than simply holding on to their leashes. It is comfortable to hold and makes it easy & safe when I want to switch hands while walking. I have also found that if I need to use my hands for something else pulling the handle up to the crook of my elbow also adds a real convenience factor. I can't say enough about the durability of the handle, it is very strong and I don't think it can be broken. I'm wondering if you can use the material to make a durable chew bone? Anyway thanks for a great product and I wish you much success."
(Bill Severyns, Renton, WA)


"I wished I had found this solution years ago.  We could have gone for a walk more often with just one of us.  It was really hard to coordinate our schedules except in the weekend."

"I put a strap on it to keep it on my wrist.  Then I realized I can't turn it as you had mentioned on your website."

"When one of the dogs stays behind to sniff too long the other two sometimes become impatient and start pulling him along.  That helps a lot, I don't have to pull him and it keeps us moving."

"Can I use a handle in each hand and walk six?"
(Response: It is not recommended. There may be too much pulling power and it is unilkely the two teams can be kept apart at all times. If you really want to walk 6 with the handle you could try using three 2-way couplers, or one 3-way coupler + one 2-way coupler and one single leash, or two 3-way couplers and leave one of the 3 openings in the handle free. Also see FAQ 18 which describes using a UTurn handle in one hand and one 3-way coupler in the other hand.)

"I use it every day and I like it, it's easy to handle 3 little dogs when they get twisted"

"I'm using bungee leashes in different colors.  I just follow the colors to untangle and the stretch in the leashes makes it often easier."

"I'm not going to use it. Turning the handle is too much work and the handle is bulky and when getting tangled from behind I can't bend enough with my bad back or I'm too slow to get out."

"It works. The dogs and I are getting used to it and I'm getting better in stepping sideways when I get blocked by a leash behind my back."

"With the 3 leashes on the handle, it's easy to grab all of them with one hand and pull the handle up with the other.  I use this to get all dogs much closer in one simple motion when traffic is getting too close to us."

"I just tried walking six dogs using three 2-way coupler leashes with each main lead attached to one hole in the handle. I would not recommend it there was too much pulling power and I could not steer each team individually."

"I got the hang of it.  It always untangles. Can't believe it."

"It's by far the simplest solution to walk our three small dogs as they have not been trained much. The three-way coupler leash we have does not work."

"If it works, I will be eternally grateful."

"I have a large dog and two small pugs.  It works better with the large dog on a longer leash. Then the pugs just dart around under the higher leash of our large dog."

"The handle works and by being quick I can even avoid some of the entanglements. The dogs are learning to hold back when I need to untangle.  I'm not using my other triple leash anymore as it was a royal pain, I could not really get it to work for me."

"It's really helpful, I have to hold only one thing instead of three leashes."

"The first walks were difficult, I could not keep up but it's getting much better. And I switched to longer leashes, all bungee leashes."


July 2013
"I use it several times a week and I like using it. I have only had uturn handle for a few weeks and it now allows me to walk my three dogs alone instead of waiting for a friend or family member to come with me, I felt so trapped waiting to walk my dogs. Just what I was looking for since we added our new puppy and had two other dogs (when puppy grows they will all be around 20 pound little dogs). I couldn't figure out how I was going to walk three dogs so I went searching and found this product. I really like the space they have between each other while hooked onto uturn, other products look like the dogs are too close. I have had some comments while using it - people first look at it and say "oh that's gonna be a tangled mess" then I pass them by later in the park and they are amazed saying "wow look at that handle she has it really works and the dogs are not tangled". I smile and say "Great product so glad I found this".   I hook my dogs up in the house and it stays on the entire time until our walk is done and we are back in the house. It's nice to know they aren't going to be running excitedly to front door once they know they are going for a walk and slip out unleashed putting them in danger running around. Also great for when we arrive at park I just open the door and out they pop already hooked to uturn. This product has taken away much stress in walking my three dogs. Thank you and keep up the good work (maybe we'll see you on shark tank)!
Sincerely, Sue D'A., Gloucester, Massachusetts."
(Response: Thanks very much for your feedback, Sue. Also for pointing out the safety issue of hooking the dogs to the handle safely inside the house when they are all excited and later unhooking them inside as well.  We did not really grasp that benefit as we hook our dogs up in a small court yard inside a larger fenced area.)


"It's working but I have two large dogs and one small one have not had training.  The handle disentangles fine but the two dogs are so strong I can't handle so much pull by myself."

"It worked first time. Got wrapped around my legs several times but now I prevent it or try to get out of the trap faster. Like it a lot. Thanks."

"My primary use is for walking three pugs. We walk at least three times a week. Three or four times on the weekend depending on the weather. I am grateful to have the Uturn handle. It allows me to walk three very active (hyper) dogs at once. The Uturn allows me to walk all three together. I was not able to do this with three leashes without suffering from whip lash. The uturn just gives me more control. Using bungee cord style leashes allows to maximize it's use - easy to untangle."
Joe A., Maywood, NJ

(Response: Thanks, Joe.  It's great to hear that the bungee leashes you ordered also help and work as expected.)


August 2013
"Yes, I am using it several times a week.  It's the first time I can walk my three dogs easily by myself.  I tried it before with a short splitter and a leash on the other side but I like this a lot more as all the dogs now get space.  You were right the more I use it the more fun it becomes, it's amazing the dogs are getting better at it too.  I am getting lots of questions about it when people notice what I'm doing."

"I've been using my new U-Turn handle to walk my 3 mini schnauzers for about a week now. I LOVE IT! Ever since we got our 3rd dog a couple of years ago, I haven't been out walking with them much, because they get so tangled up in their leashes. All 3 of them zig-zag around constantly when we walk, sniffing this and that. I came across your product on the internet and decided it was worth a try. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but it seemed worth the risk. I don't know how you thought of it, but it works brilliantly! Now the dogs and I are out walking together every single day. Not only am I able to keep them from getting all tangled up, but sliding the handle on my arm as I'm bending over to pick up their "business" is so easy now. And it also seems like they are pulling less than they normally do. Love it, love it, love it! I've been saying that I need to invent some sort of a 3-dog leash that doesn't tangle, and now I don't have to. Thank you! You've brought new excitement into our walks!!!"
Mary S., Wentzville, MO
(Response: Thanks a lot for your feedback, Mary.  It's great to hear that it works for you as nicely as it is working for us.)

September 2013
We take the dogs out for a walk and use the handle every day.
Jan S., York, PA

(Response: Thanks, Jan, have fun every day!)

Well I received my handle and it's amazing! I'm less stressed walking three dogs and the dogs are less stressed. We're all happier and this invention is so simple yet genius.
Thanks so much for being so creative!
Amy N., Virginia Beach, VA

(Response: Thanks, Amy, great to hear the handle makes it so much easier for you.)


October 2013

If you have three dogs, you need this.
October 1, 2013
Claudine G.  "Lady Iris" (Wellington, NV)   

This Amazon review is for: Handle, Triple Dog Leash Handle, 3-Way Dog Coupler, 3-Dog Handle, 3-Leash UTurn Handle, use with 3 leashes; Black
This is one product that actually works as advertised. I walk my three dogs in the morning and have been having a tangled up mess. When the leashes are attached to this Triple Dog Leash Handle, they almost untangle themselves. I can even do it in the dark. I also don't get so tangled up in the leashes as the dogs move around.

(Response: Thanks, Claudine, for this very nice review on Amazon.  We are surprised you can even untangle in the dark. We have never tried it as it seems impossible.  We rely a lot on seeing the leashes and the different colors.)

"It worked already in the first week but after about a month we bought three stretchable bungee leashes.  These do not drag on the ground as much and help reduce the number of entanglements."

"I went from taking my dogs out in the weekend when my husband is home to walking them now every day by myself.  What a difference a simple handle can make. Thanks a lot."

"Can you put some padding on the grips?"
(Response:  Yes, adding soft grips was considered. You can add your own padding if desired. However with the untangling actions your hand will slide frequently to a grip that feels the most comfortable depending on the new order of the dogs after untangling.  To facilitate this sliding we kept the handle as smooth and simple as possible and a no-wear and easy-to-clean single part.)


November 2013
I'm using it with my two new pups and it works great. They don't pull each other and they are both getting a lot of space of their own. I used to have a coupler for two dogs a long time ago but never liked it much."



I live in Kirkland, and I’m leaving Sunday the 3rd on a road trip to CA.  I feel your product would be very useful in walking my three papillons, could I pick it up in person Saturday or early Sunday?

Rebecca A., Kirkland, WA


I'm back from my trip to California.  The handle has been a blessing in walking these three papillons.  Thanks!

Rebecca A., Kirkland, WA

(Response:  Thanks, Rebecca.  It was nice to meet you here at our home and show the handle in use.  It's always great to hear the handle is working well.)

December 2013
"I use it to walk our two young bulldogs.  I like it as they each get space to do their own thing and it feels safer to hold only one item. I use the third hole to hold my waste baggies."

"I was expecting it would not work so easily as advertized.  To my surprise it already worked for me and my dogs on the first walk.  My wife was skeptical and did not want to use it but she walked with us to see if it was going to work or not. Now she walks our doggies by herself nearly every day!"


January 2014
"In the beginning I dropped the handle a few times.  The dogs just stopped to see what the noise behind them was.  I hold on firmly when we see a squirrel though."

"It's so easy. I take care to untangle as soon as there is even one entanglement. I don't have to but I like it that way." 


February 2014
Etsy review:
Reviewed by Anne W., Jasper, GA  on February 17, 2014 

"Well made and works for my 3 various sized dogs" 

March 2014









Hi Margaritha and Paul,
Finally got around to taking some pics, got two mini and one standard Dachshunds, the UTurn Handle is a godsend!   If I get people asking if they can get one are you happy for me to direct them to your site or would you prefer not to post to Australia?  No probs either way.

Lisa K., Perth, Australia
(Response:  Thanks for your feedback and the pics, Lisa, love your Dachshunds. And yes, we will gladly ship to Australia.)


A fantastic product!!!
March 30, 2014
By Ann Charlotte Kauffmann (Fruita, Colorado)
This Amazon review is for: Triple Dog Leash Handle, 3 Way Dog Coupler UTurn Handle with which you can walk 3 dogs on 3 leashes and untangle in seconds. Dolphin Grey.
I do not usually write reviews but this item needs an A+ review! I am a 73 year old woman who walks 2 mini Aussies and 1 Jack Russell together. Given my age, it was getting dangerous for me when my dogs kept tangling the leashes. This UTurn handle REALLY works! My compliments to the inventor. It has made my dog walking endeavors a real pleasure. Thank you UTURN HANDLES LLC.
(Response: Thanks, Ann, for your very nice review on Amazon.  We are happy to hear it works for you and that it makes walking so much safer.)


All Three Dogs Love this
April 3, 2014
By Mr. Edward C. Muckerman (VA)
This Amazon review is for: Triple Dog Leash Handle, 3 Way Dog Coupler UTurn Handle with which you can walk 3 dogs on 3 leashes and untangle in seconds. Black.
We were looking for a solution to walking three dogs simultaneously and came across this wonderful invention. It works just like the company predicted it would and we have three dogs under control at all times. The handle is very well made and durable and I can see it working for a very long time. I also contacted the company and Paul was extremely helpful with some good tips and recommendations. It is a good investment for a safe way to walk three dogs. I am sure that there are a lot of dog walking companies that would love to be able to walk their dogs with this handle.

Hi Paul - just wanted to let you know that your invention is incredible. It was painless to take all 3 dogs on a long walk today. Thanks, Ed.
(Response: Thanks, Ed, for your feedback.  It's great to hear it worked for you, even right from the start.  It makes for happy dogs too!)



April 13, 2014
I received this as a Christmas gift and finally had a chance to use it for the first time.  I love, love, love the way it works.  At first, it was a complete fiasco with my 3 puppy mill rescue dogs immediately getting tangled and then running around my legs getting me all tangled up,  My neighbor laughed at me and told me that whoever bought this for me must not like me very much.  But, THEN, we got the hang of it and what a pleasure to walk my dogs.  No tangles and what a successful walk  we had.  So easy to use!!  LOVE, love, love it. 

Kristin C.



May 8, 2014


By Sachibot on May 8, 2014
This Amazon review is for: Triple Dog Leash Handle, 3 Way Dog Coupler UTurn Handle with which you can walk 3 dogs on 3 leashes and untangle in seconds.
Walking my dogs had become just another chore. I'd spent too much money on countless multi-dog leashes and splitters, each a disappointment. This ingenious product has put the joy back in walking my three pugs. I did watch the videos on the web site prior to our first walk, and had no difficulties keeping the dogs tangle free and walking happily. The UTurn handle is truly worth its weight in gold.


On May 13, 2014 at 8:10 AM Whitney B. wrote:
I just received my handle yesterday and used it to walk my three Pomeranians just moments ago. This is absolutely brilliant! It worked just as I had hoped it would, and my dogs were happy to be able to all walk together. I saw this on a website a few weeks ago and checked stores before I ordered online. I couldn't find you in stores but I hope that you do expand soon to be in them. I am an assistant manager at a Walmart and I know there would be great business for it. All summer long I will be showing off this new handle on our beach walks. Love it love it! Thank you for this creation.
Best of luck!
Whitney B., NY
Pomeranian owner of 3!
(Response: Thanks, Whitney. It already worked for you as expected on your first walk using the handle!  Makes us happy too!)

On May 23, 2014 at 9:27 PM Cliff G. wrote:

Hi Paul, thanks for the heads up on the delivery and you were right, your U-turn handle arrived today.  i am now compelled to write to tell you about my first experience with U-turn. Like most families who have more than one dog we started out as a one dog family, one year later at the behest of my wife we acquired number two and a scant year after that (at the behest of my wife) number three arrived. So now for the past 2 1/2 years officially became a three dog family. At first my wife and I walked the dogs together every day, so controlling three dogs on leashes was not an issue.

However as time rolled on, my wife became less and less enamored with walking the dogs so it became my responsibility. I must tell you after about the 16th time trying to control three dogs with with leashes wrapped around the dogs as well as my while at the same time attempting to untangle my legs before I fell on my face,  I finally gave up. At first I was reduced to walking only two dogs then bringing them home so I could then pick up number three for his walk. This was great for the dogs but I can assure you that long distance dog walking is not my cup of tea. In fact it finally got to the point that It was anything but enjoyable for me or or the dogs. I must confess there was many a night that the dogs didn't get walked all lToday with the help of your U-turn handle, I walked three dogs effortlessly for the first time in two and half years -- let me repeat that --- today for the first time in two an half years I walked three dogs effortlessly. 
I can see where it is still going to take a little getting used to for the dogs but for me, the turning of the handle to untangle the leashes is an absolute no-brainer. I clearly see that after the second or third time the dogs will be quite used to this new way of enjoying their walk.
Now for the punchline! Since my wife has always kind of taken advantage of the fact that walking three dogs was too difficult for her, she will no longer have any reason not to walk the dogs. So now that walking three dogs is as effortless as walking one,  In fact it is so effortless that I would venture to say that my wife may step forward and want to become chief cook and dog walker.
So on behalf of myself my wife and my three dogs we would like to thank you for creating the U-turn handle and just wish you had been around two and half years ago.
Thanks for your good service and your new invention. Good luck with it
A very satisfied customer
Cliff G., West Palm Beach, FL
(Thanks, Cliff, we got a kick out of your very nice and eloquent feedback!  It's great to hear that it already worked so well for you on your first walk. I am sure your dogs will get used to it more and tune in more to you too.)

June 23, 2014
Hi, I've just adopted a third dog. She's fairly big. I have two other medium sized dogs. I'm hoping this product will work for me. It's hard to walk them together. Could you advise me on what size leashes to buy? Is it better if they're all the same size? I currently have two extension leads (obviously won't work with this product) and one normal canvas lead. Would rope leads be easier? All the same size? Thanks for the tips!
July 6, 2014
It works perfectly with my three medium to large dogs. So well in fact that I'm thinking of rescuing another three and getting another magic handle for the other hand!
Alexandra M., France
(Thanks, Alexandra.  After our emails I was not sure it would work given the size of your dogs. It's great to hear from you it works.)

Sep 7, 2014
I just wanted to say I love your product!!! This is seriously the best thing to happen to us. We are new to having three dogs and before the UTurn Handle I really didn't know how we were going to walk them all. We have a German shepherd (100lbs- 1 yrs 7mo), a border collie mix (40lbs- 2 yrs old) and our newest addition a blue tick coonhound ( 13lbs- 10 weeks old). I know you said that some people have trouble with mixed packs but this has worked great for us! I can walk all three of them perfectly...when the leashes get tangled just a quick flip and everything is fixed. Seriously thank you!
Jessica S., Kennesaw, GA
(Thanks, Jessica. As you know I was worried about the combined power of the team. It's great to hear it works for you, even with this special size combination. It probably helps a lot that your dogs are well-behaved and listen!)

September 10, 2014
I just received my U-turn handle in the mail. I have to say that your product is fantastic! No more stopping to de-tangle. Makes walking my three little ones a pleasure (I think they like it too).

There are a lot of 3-dog owners that are waiting to hear about UTurn. My wife and I love our dogs but didn't enjoy walking them as much. In just two days of owning our own UTurn handle the stresses that come with walking three small breed dogs on independent leashes are gone!

I am surprised that only around 250 handles have been sold. I did an online search for solutions, and leash couplers weren't going to cut it for my "free spirited" dogs. No other product was as simple, elegant, and affordable as UTurn.

Thank you,
Jason J. (from San Antonio, TX)
(Thanks for your feedback, Jason.  Yes, walking 3 tanglers is not much fun at all, that was the same for us. We only walked them in the weekend and now with the handle we walk them every day AND enjoy it. It's great to hear you and the dogs like it.)

On December 28, 2014 at 2:19 AM:
Hi Paul and Margaritha,
I used the handle today for the first time and it was truly awesome. I have
three reasonably big dogs - rough Collie, Airedale/collie cross and a
Doberman/kelpie cross - and they walked together beautifully. Usually I can
walk two together and the Doberman (she's just turned one) by herself or my
husband comes out with me to walk the older two (Jack and Cody) while I walk
Bindi. Today I walked all three by myself. I can't thank you enough - I'm
truly impressed.
With thanks
Chris :^)  (in  Shalvey, NSW, Australia)

January 23, 2015:

This is a simple and great invention.   We have three King Charles Spaniels who love to go on long & fast paced walks.  The third dog joined our family right before Thanksgiving.   The first couple of weeks walking all three was a mess.  It took a long time to untangle all three separate leashes when I got home from the walk.  During the walks the dogs kept getting closer & closer together as the leashes got more tangled as we went along.   I googled “three dog leash” and found your website.    I showed it to my wife and told her that this is what I wanted for my Christmas present from her and the kids.

We added 3 four foot mesh leashes to the handle which work perfectly.  Not too long for them to get off the sidewalk and into the street or trip joggers, but long enough for the dogs to move around.  The dogs do a lot of crossing over each other’s leash while we walk.   It is very easy to turn the handle to untangle the leashes while we keep on walking.   It’s very easy to use.    The smooth inner side of the handle is comfortable on my hand as the handle slides around as the dogs switch positions.   The diameter is long enough to put my arm thru to hold it when I bend down to pick up the poop.

It has made the walks with all three dogs so much easier.   They get real excited when they see me take it down from the shelf!   And the other humans walking their dogs think it’s a pretty smart idea, but none have added a third dog yet.  Roger L., Houston, TX



April 23, 2017
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