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Walk 2, 3 or even 4, untrained dogs together AND start to enjoy it!
Is your team of dogs difficult or impossible to walk with?

Walking 2 or 3 untrained or half-trained dogs 
(easy for the handler and for the dogs)

                                                                                      Walking 4 untrained dogs (here my wife walks four)
                                                                                      (much harder but still doable by an alert handler)
how to walk four dogs on four leashes






Walking 4 dogs, three on the UTurn handle and the fourth ('best') dog on a separate 4th leash
(the dogs dart around, sniff everywhere and get entangled; here they appear to walk orderly but just for a few moments:-) )

  • The only thing needed is one 3-dog UTurn handle  (to be used with your own 3 leashes)
        Made_in_USA     HDPE Recyclable, safe material
                 100% Made in USA

  • The handle is designed for walking 3 dogs but works well with 2, 3 or 4 dogs
  • Recommended for smaller dogs but is usable with larger dogs or a mix of small and larger dogs provided they can be controlled despite their combined pulling power
  • Ideal for walking untrained or partially trained dogs that tangle a lot, NOT needed for well-trained dogs!  Works best when the dogs are eager to walk upfront (and pull a little).
    Works best with each dog in a harness that has the leash-connector ring on top (back).


How does the UTurn handle work? 
Please view some of the following short YouTube videos.
"U Turn it      U Untangle it      In Seconds      While Walking"

One half turn/flip (180 degrees) with the handle removes one LEASH entanglement in one second!

 #1 Untangling (1:07)                 #2 Walking  (1:31)                        #3 Untangling (1:18)

  #4 Walking 4 (1:47)                #5 Summary -Whiteboard Animation (3:17)

We apologize for the quality of the videos. These are our short videos and there is some duplication.  They also don't show how easy it is to untangle while walking 3 or 4 dogs but you can get a good idea of how the untangling works. Walking with 3 is easy. Walking with 4 untrained dogs is doable but is often slow (as shown in the video) and much more work!  Running/jogging with 4 is not recommended due to the tripping danger for the handler and the dogs. Do not put 4 dogs on the handle, the fourth ('best') dog must be on a separate leash.


How can I order the 3-dog UTurn handle?

On Amazon (2016 - 2024)
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Go directly to our Amazon page, select a black, grey or red handle: Amazon Triple Dog Leash Handle

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               UTurn Leash Handle for 3 Dogs              Walking 3 dogs at once              UTurn handle with 3 leashes for walking 3 dogs

As shown above the UTurn handle has 3 grips, 3 leash attachment holes and a large central opening.

This simple triangular design makes it possible to untangle all LEASH entanglements* (which amount to approx. 80% of all tangles), and in seconds while walking. You do this via half turns/flips with the handle.  One half turn/flip (one 180 degree rotation) for each entanglement. One half turn/flip moves one triangle corner roughly to a position in-between the other two corners and this untangles one tangle between two leashes. With every tangle the order of your dogs in front of you changes, and you can let your hand slide to the next best grip.

  • Fast untangling while walking was never possible before. It makes walking 3 dogs, even untrained, partially trained or a mix of trained and untrained dogs suddenly doable
  • Of course turning the handle is WORK as you need one half turn for each entanglement.  If your dogs entangle often, you turn the handle often.  But you and the dogs can keep on walking*.
  • If you cannot walk your 3 dogs now or only with great difficulty because of all the tangles, you will now be able to do it - provided your dogs are not too powerful AND you are willing to do the untangling work
  • Walking 3 dogs with the handle is easy (after you get the hang of the untangling and the dogs get used to it) but even FOUR dogs is possible with a separate 4th leash, although this is a much bigger challenge due to the separate fourth leash.
  • Caveat: The handler untangles all LEASH tangles* (between the 3 leashes/dogs =80% of all tangles) while walking by turning the handle, but the handler cannot untangle the remaining 20% of tangles which are handler/leg or external object entanglements. These are still a nuisance and require special action, see more below.

  • The UTurn Handle is the only tool you need. Use it with your own leashes. It is sold without leashes.
  • We use the handle ourselves every day to walk 3 cairn terriers. It works! And it's fun.
  • US Patents applied for in Feb 2013, first patent issued in Feb 2015; second patent issued in Sep 2015
  • Designed for walking 3 dogs but usable for walking 1, 2, 3 or 4 dogs

As shown in the videos the key to walking your 'always tangling' dogs by yourself  is that:

  • You untangle all LEASH* entanglements (=between the leashes) in seconds while walking
  • It's this fast untangling of the leash tangles, while continuing the walk, that makes walking 3 dogs doable
  • The dogs love it too: Way fewer stops*, and they all get lots of space and don't jerk each other around.

*What is meant by 'LEASH' entanglements/tangles?
1)  LEASH tangles/entanglements, also called internal leash tangles, are defined as the tangles between the 3 dogs/3 leashes themselves, not with anything else. These comprise 80% or more of all possible entanglements. All of these LEASH tangles can be untangled while walking by turning the handle, no matter how many times a leash is entangled with another leash. Each leash entanglement takes one half turn (180 degrees) or flip with the handle.
Caveat: NO system (not even the UTurn handle) can untangle the other 20%, which are:

2) HANDLER entanglements (the handler's legs get blocked or encircled by one or more leashes) or

3) External-Object entanglements (with a tree, post, another person, other object, other person's leashed dog(s), etc.).
To resolve 2) and 3) it's best to stop and take special action. To get out of these special entrapments, see the advice in the Use Product and FAQ chapters.
  • By being able to untangle ALL leash tangles in seconds while walking, walking 3 dogs suddenly became much easier and even fun. It's still WORK (=not automatic):  You will turn the handle a lot especially if you have master tanglers!  But you can now walk with full confidence by knowing that you can always untangle all leash tangles. That confidence remains, even if there are handler/leg entanglements.  And the more you use it, the more you and the dogs will tune in to each other and the better it will go. You will also become better at escaping or avoiding some of those annoying handler entrapments or wrap-arounds. To avoid those handler tangles it helps a lot to keep on walking, i.e. do not pause or stand still and get distracted. If you stop then the dogs will encircle you one or more times and often within seconds. You will find out!
    It also helps if your dogs like to walk upfront and like to pull a little (are eager to go).

  • We found that being able to untangle all LEASH tangles (i.e. the 80%) while walking makes walking any team of 3 dogs doable!  For us it was impossible to walk our 3 dogs together without the handle. The dogs would get the leashes entangled too often or encircle us way too fast. They would do that again and again within seconds. If you have tried it, you know the nightmare! With the handle you can walk 3 dogs easily and even walk 4 untrained dogs (if not too powerful) at once which is totally impossible with 4 separate leashes.

    Anybody who has tried to walk 2, 3 or 4 untrained or half-trained dogs at once UNDERSTANDS how difficult it is.  It is often impossible!


How can the handle help?  

  • 100% untangling of LEASH tangles* - by the handler, by turning the handle itself
  • 100% untangling of LEASH tangles* - while walking, within seconds
    (Caveat: Does NOT untangle HANDLER or external-object entanglements)
    (As mentioned above LEASH tangles* are the tangles between the 3 leashes/dogs themselves)
  • fear of entanglements gone
  • walk 3 dogs (or 2 or 4) by yourself, with confidence
  • greatly reduced walking stress, makes walking fun again
  • ample roaming space for each dog
  • easy to reduce roaming space by choking all leashes at once when needed
  • easy to direct each dog individually when needed
  • use with your own leashes
  • super strong, light-weight, weather-resistant, non-toxic recycable material, 100% made in USA
  • no dropping of leashes; holding only one item makes it safer
  • after untangling your hand can slide to the best grip depending on the new order of the dogs
  • free both hands when needed (put the handle on an arm)
  • designed for walking 3 dogs; usable with 1, 2, 3 or 4 dogs (or even 5 or 6 dogs)
  • works very well with 1 or 2 or 3 untrained dogs on the team (not possible before)
  • dogs love it too, it drastically reduces frustrating untangling stops every few minutes
  • walk any time any day; no more waiting for a second walker
  • walk any team of 2, 3 or 4 other pets or small animals used to leashes
  • also ideal for relaxed and controlled walking on the beach (open space, easy on the paws,
    no traffic, and no cats or squirrels to chase:-) )

Other advantages?

  • Much better than using a 3-way coupler (tripler) leash
  • Much easier and safer than using 3 separate leashes
  • Much better than using one 2-way coupler leash plus one separate leash
  • You can leash your 3 dogs up/off in your house so no dog ever escapes
  • You can get your 3 dogs in or out of a car more safely, e.g. for a trip to the park or the vet
  • The dogs don't jerk each other around (as happens with couplers); the user holds the handle and can therefore easily protect a weaker dog
  • The dogs are not forced to walk side-by-side as is the case with short couplers
  • The user steadies the handle when a dog needs to do its business
  • Also very usable for walking 2 dogs (holding only one item, handle can be put on an arm, much easier and faster to untangle than 2 separate leashes, no dropping of leashes, using third hole for waste baggies)
  • Usable for walking 4 dogs (handle + 1 extra leash), 5 dogs (handle + 2-way coupler), 6 dogs (handle + 3-way coupler) (see FAQ 17 and 18 for more details)

Is the handle suitable for me and my dogs?

  • The UTurn handle is a new and very strong product for dog owners and dog walkers who want to walk 2, 3 or 4 dogs with one person.  We do not sell leashes as you can use your own leashes.
  • The handle can make a unique present for a family member or other relative, or a friend or neighbor who has 3 or more dogs, or who is a dog walker.
  • The handle is especially useful for dog owners or walkers who have one or more untrained or partially trained dogs (which means many tangles)
  • Recommended for walking small and small to medium size dogs. It can be used with larger well-behaved dogs provided they are leash-trained and can be controlled despite their combined pulling power.
  • The ideal user is a dog owner who has 3 or 4 smaller dogs (used to each other but not trained enough) and who wants to walk them much more easily
  • The U-Turn handle is not an ordinary leash handle. It's a 3-grip controller/detangler/untangler and also very strong. It is made in one single piece and testing has shown the material is over 5 times stronger than the best hardwood and will not break.

    Is the handle not recommended in certain cases?
    • It's not a good idea for a team of 3 that is too strong for one handler (very important!)
    • On the opposite end, it may not work for tiny dogs that do not like to walk in front or are too weak to pull. The detangling is easier with some tension on a leash but that is not absolutely necessary.
      It cannot untangle a small dog that crosses under and between front and rear legs of a large dog.
    • It's not a good idea if the dogs have never walked on leashes
    • It's not a good idea if the dogs do not get along or are prone to start a fight or do not yet know each other (unless docile and friendly)
    • It's not a good idea if turning/flipping the handle frequently is too hard on/for your hands
    • For the 20% handler entrapments/tangles the handler may need to bend, kneel, lift a leg and step out of the tangles which will require some agility
    • It is NOT needed for a team with 3 well-trained dogs that do not entangle (much), or when the owner does not want the dogs to walk in front or does not want the dogs to unlearn the side-by-side walking on shorter leashes they were trained in or are going to be trained in.  It should NOT be given as a gift to a dog owner who has well-trained dogs or who does not want to walk 3 or 4 dogs at the same time.
    • It's not recommended if you love to walk your dogs with one or more companion walkers


    Is the handle 'ideal' for walking 3 or 4 dogs?
    No, it's not ideal.
       'Ideal' is:
       a) fully trained dogs that do not entangle, or
       b) 100% automatic untangling where the handler and the dogs do not need to do anything. 

    However (a) Training 3 or 4 dogs to walk obediently together is very hard.
    And (b) Fully automatic untangling using 3 or 4 dogs/leashes (with swivels or swivel systems) is impossible.
    The UTurn handle is somewhere in-between 'impossible' and 'ideal':  It makes walking 3 or 4 dogs with one person possible, and even fun, but it is definitely work for the handler.

    The handler does the untangling of the leash tangles (up to 80% of all tangles, depending on the team) by rotating the handle. The handler still needs to resolve the other (handler/leg and external object) entanglements if there are any (20% of all tangles).  This 80% makes it doable and fun, that 20% is still a big nuisance.  This 80% however is enough to make walking 3 dogs with 3 leashes on the handle much easier than using 3 separate leashes or using a 3-way coupler, AND also much easier and more pleasant for the dogs.

Attaching various leashes
                                                             Easiest to attach:

Happy Testers

                                                                                                                                            Testers in Action
                                                                                                                  (handle held securely on arm while using a doggy waste bag


Testing the untangling method
See under FAQ (14) for more information on how to TEST your own primitive home-made handle and try the untangling with 3 tangled leashes yourself before ordering.
You can test the untangling without dogs, e.g. with the help of a second person. You hold the home-made handle with the 3 leashes. This second person then entangles the leash ends, pulls the leashes tight(er) and holds them in the entangled state with the ends somewhat apart, then you untangle them with the handle. Try one or two tangles first, then try more.

Important tip for walking:
Untangle often = Try to keep the dogs/leashes untangled while walking!  
Untangle as soon as you see one or two entanglements appear. Then the untangling is by far the easiest. It gets progressively harder when you let more and more entanglements build up, e.g. 5 to 10 (and even harder - but still possible - after some of the leashes finally start to wrap around the handle itself)
  It's surprisingly fun to keep the leashes untangled because you will see how your dogs appreciate it ---> they (and you) can keep on going!

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